Mr. Drudi attended York University and received an undergraduate degree in Economics in 1982. Thereafter, he attended and later graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1985. After his call to the Bar in 1987, Marco specialized in the field of civil litigation and has spent the last decade concentrating in the area of construction law. In 1993, recognizing a need for specialized litigation lawyers outside of the downtown core, and not affiliated with any firm of solicitors, Mr. Drudi and Mr. Alexiou founded the firm to provide exclusively litigation to their clients.
Over the years Mr. Drudi has appeared before all levels of Courts and Tribunals in Ontario. Mr. Drudi believes that his mandate on all files is simple: dispute resolution through any means available whether that be through judicial intervention, mediation, arbitration and/or informal settlement discussions.
When not practicing law, Mr. Drudi can be found coaching minor league hockey in the winter and soccer in the summer. He is an avid hockey player, an enthusiastic tennis player, an admitted poor golfer but an honest counter.
He continues to be a member or sponsor of many organizations including World Vision, WWF, the Royal Ontario Museum, Gwendolyn Park Tennis Association and the Goulding Park Hockey Association.